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Project Price: less than $1,000

Right from the start we knew we had made the right choice in contacting Bob Donovan. 
We received a prompt reply to our voice mail message and shortly thereafter a visit to our home for an appraisal and estimate. 
Our's was not a "big job;" 44 window panes, approximately 11x14", all slightly different. 
Bob was generous with his appraisal time. His presentation of product and installation procedure was informative, instructive, very helpful, and enjoyable. He came with product samples and presented helpful information regarding available choices. 
He was careful to point out that our widow panes are older and with surface variations and assured us that he would confirm with the manufacturer that his initial assessment was correct and their product compatible with our window panes. He continued with his appraisal, and shortly later emailed confirmation of product compatibility and an estimate. 
Installation went perfectly. His time in our home was spent focused on task, with respect for the space in which he worked, with attention to detail, and with a demonstrative pride in his work. 
We are very happy with the results. Best of all is the delight, comfort, and congeniality of working with Bob Donovan. He is a man of his word, he kept on schedule, arrived on time, 
worked efficiently, and left the room in which he worked as if he had never been there. 
This has been an experience we will remember with great appreciation for the man and in his product –and justifiable customer satisfaction.

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